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Looking to establish a meaningful project? We offer advice to help your business or organisation operate ethically, purposefully and in line with regenerative economy principles.

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Receive consulting advice based on the Islamic Gift Economy framework, rooted in reviving Islamic mu'amalah and regenerative livelihoods.
We welcome collaboration with like-minded individuals and organisations to establish ethical regenerative projects. Our approach is to achieve cross-generational longevity of initiatives through strategic vision and purpose. We advise project owners towards securing financial resilience.
how does it work?
Do you have a project in mind? Get in touch with one of our team for an initial conversation (15-20mins) to explore the possibility of a formal consulting arrangement.
what kind of projects?
Please specify in your email the nature of the project and provide an overview, for example is it a land based project, a form of community investment, an educational or training project, or something else entirely.