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PEARL Advanced

Program for Ethical, Appropriate & Regenerative Livelihoods (PEARL),
A 60-hr comprehensive course covering the Islamic Gift Economy & Social Permaculture.

PEARL Advanced

The PEARL Advanced course (previously known as IGE-PEARL) is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the Islamic Gift Economy (IGE) and Social Permaculture. It draws on moral, economic, and legal concepts from traditional Islamic scholars such as Imam Ash-Shaybani, Imam al Muhasibi, and Imam al Ghazali and incorporates insights of contemporary economists and ecologists like Herman Daly, EF Schumacer, and Bill Mollison.
course structure
60 hours
19 Modules
3 Case Studies
schedule format
20 online sessions
3 hrs per session
commitment level
Real time attendance
Pre-module Prep Reading
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Course Curriculum

| theory
|| practical